Marka Cheremshyny Street, Kyiv (reconstruction)

Marka Cheremshyny Street, Kyiv 5278,61 m2


The reconstruction project provides for the redevelopment of part of the premises and the completion of 4 floors. On the 1st floor of the office building, the project provides for an office space, a foyer, a cafe and an electrical panel are located. On the 2-5 floors, it is planned to place office premises, on the technical floor – technical rooms for building maintenance, server and utility rooms. On the 5th floor, the building has open terraces.
The design site has a convenient location, a developed transport system. Nearby is a transport hub with a public transport stop and a city rail stop.

Total area – 5278,61 m2
Built-up area – 1295,03 m2
Construction volume – 66490 m3
Storeys (floors) – 5



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