About Us

Welcome partners!

That’s right, we have no customers. Our interaction with you is a strong and reliable partnership in which we are your effective tool to achieve our goals.


Our core competence is the architectural and engineering design of residential, commercial and social facilities, based on the latest trends using modern technologies. Our job is to find a rational, aesthetic and economically viable solution to our task.

This page is intended to tell you about us.

We prefer to talk about you. About exactly what our resources, values ​​and principles we use to ensure that you get the result, and we are a long-term and productive partnership with you:


We take responsibility for your tasks.

To achieve the maximum positive result is the goal that we always achieve, regardless of the complexity of the tasks that you set for us.


We have not measured our experience for years.

For this, we use more fundamental indicators: we bring to the result each of the objects entrusted to us, and our customers always come back to us again.


With us, every object becomes promising

If for some reason your object seems to be such to you or someone else, we will conduct a deep analytics, as a result of which we will find solutions that will allow you to get the maximum result from the object.


We do for the result

Therefore, we never undertake the work that you can easily do using your own resources. However, we will always advise and direct to help you get a quick result.


We always know more and know how to use information.

Multiple internal sources of relevant information and our awareness of current building codes are tools with which we always achieve results the first time.


A high degree of internal communication is our secret weapon

Thanks to which our strong team of experts easily copes with optimizing your time, working effectively with several processes at the same time and achieving your goals in the shortest possible time.


All processes occur within the team.

We attract contractors to help only for highly specialized tasks, such as external networks and fire systems, while the high level of our professionalism helps us solve problems within even the most complex and specific objects.


We always get a positive result.

The objects that we design always undergo a comprehensive examination, while receiving a positive report. This is the bar to which we have gone over the years and hundreds of successful projects.


We have a common goal for which we work on your projects.

It consists in creating the most favorable human environment. We strive to find a harmonious relationship between man, architecture and nature, where the main place is occupied by man, his feelings, thoughts and ideas.

For over 10 years, our main task has been to accompany you from the moment the idea arose to the receipt of a full package of documents for your real estate object.

We invite you to a partnership in which every step we take will fill you with confidence, trust and security. After all, this is the foundation for long-term, comfortable and reliable business relationships.


Oksi-K Team

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